Portrait of Elle Levy, center of photograph, wearing a yellow jumpsuit with flowers printed on it.

Elle rhymes with hell.

If you are searching for a firey creative that works like she has a horde of screaming demons within her look no further. A Creative Director with roots in UX/UI, Visual Design, Branding, and Illustration.

I look to work where there is an intersection of culture and digital spaces. Encouraging delight in everyday experiences gets me out of bed in the morning. Life is too long to be boring or overly complicated. 

I've worked at both agencies and in-house, and I love the various types of design in a position as far as work goes. My previous employers included Moxie Sozo, Motive, Made, Voltage, Denver History Museum, R/GA, The Doe, Nota, and Ephemeral. Currently pushing pixels at Commercetools.

No one should be afraid of having a personality. Let's move away from choosing blah design. 

I am fiercely pragmatic when it comes to use and accessibility. No one can afford to alienate a group of potential users or fans because of bad design.

I enjoy combining different styles and aesthetics to form something new. Learning new techniques, optimizing my workflow, smarter, not harder, iterating... There is too much to learn and explore to assume you know everything. 

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