personal merch

personal merch

Everything here was designed and drawn by me. Please don't take my weird designs and sell them because that's super not cool.

I like making random things. Sometimes it's out of a great need, like when someone is really freaking handsy with you. Or sometimes it's just something cute that might be really cool to see in real life.

It's weird needing to say this, but yeah, people love taking patches and pin designs and thieving them. If you want to make something similar, go for it. If you're literally using my images and tracing them I hope you choke on something.

Touch me and Die Patch

No one likes someone else's paws all over you when you didn't want it. This patch was a side project for those who need it.


Milk Money Pin

For those times when you need a pin that is lactose free and also shows everyone that you like moo juice.

Matryoshka Shirt

Everyone has something deep down that makes them interesting. For people like you and me, that thing probably has something to do with being completely dead inside and fine with it.

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