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Traffic that came to the lookbook converted three times higher than on other pages. 


Design x Growth Objectives

Hypothesis + Goals
How might we increase confidence in our audience and inspire someone to feel more certain of a tattoo idea? Can we increase the amount of time spent on our site and reduce bounce? 

Ideas we initially had:
  • Show more of our database of images collected from the 20k tattoos to prove quality and increase confidence in Ephemeral as a service.
  • Create compelling filters to help someone get closer to the example that might spark conversion. Especially skin tone as a filter is important. 
  • Use this data to make smarter recommendations for individual users. 
  • Develop more flash around popular designs to create a smooth process for those who prefer a typical e-commerce flow.
Iterative Data-Driven Processes
Lookbook prototype user tests needed to be backed by correctly tagging over 4 thousand photos. Several filters were never implemented, but were planned for later releases.

Filters that tested strongly:
  • Skin tone: Tattoos look different in different skin tones and styles, with some needing a different treatment to be successful. Those with darker skin tones want and should be able to see more proof that their idea can be done well. 
  • Size: Ephemeral's products were also categorized by style and amount of shading, this filter would help customers to identify the product they should book. 
  • Placement: Along with style and body type, placement is more closely linked to how painful a tattoo is on average. This filter would help with further iterations to recommend placement based on your personal pain tolerance. 
  • Style: closely aligned with inspiration if a customer knew they wanted something specific like a minimal, geometric, or script tattoo. 
  • Subject: Another filter closely aligned with inspiration motives, if a client knew they wanted an animal, abstract, or celestial tattoo (among many more)
  • Location: With eight studios, being able to show tattoos done by those locations would help with connecting the physical locations and humanizing artists. We could also highlight these tattoos on their individual studio detail pages. 
What we wanted to test:
  • Could we increase the time spent on the site with a lookbook?
  • How many times did someone push "more images"? What was the average amount of images typically needed before someone converted?
  • Did traffic interact with the filters? Were there ones that were interacted with more than others?
  • Are pre-filtered results more compelling than all assets seen at once?
  • Does someone book with a specific image as inspiration? Can we track what images convert better than others, if at all?
User interviews
From our interviews, we found that many people struggled with finding inspiration for their tattoos, and we best swayed with proof of artist quality with other images of tattoos done by our artists. 

  • Someone who has never gotten a tattoo usually falls into two categories:
    • Those who had a specific idea but struggled with perfection wanted to see how an artist would interpret it. These individuals would spend more time with their consultation portion.
    • Those who could never decide on one idea, bouncing between ideas, never ready to settle. These individuals usually were quoted saying, "I'll know it when I see it."
  • From Ephemeral's issues with social/online sentiment, the business struggled to increase confidence with education, and reviews from clients who loved the product. Those without tattoos previously were more timid than those who already had tattoos and were at least familiar with the process of tattooing. 
To our delight, traffic that saw our lookbook converted 3x higher than any other page. The average amount of tattoos that someone needed to see was 42 images. Users wanted to interact and collect more images to share as inspiration. 
Early Test Findings:
  • Traffic that came from the lookbook page converted 3x higher than any other page.
  • Placement and Size were the filters interacted with the most.
  • The average amount of "more tattoos" was interacted with was 3 times. Showing about 42 images before moving on to another page or the booking flow.
Our next big moves
In tandem with continuing the tagging of our tattoo database, we wanted to make an experience where someone could "heart" and save their favorite tattoo inspiration images without requiring a login. 

Leaning on a user's cache, we would be able to let someone collect images and give recommendations on what a user should book based on their selections. You can see the prototype at the very bottom of the page.

Future ideas we had planned:
  • Using "heart" data to make collections of inspiration that we could use on other pages.
  • Curating landing pages for trending styles to increase SEO.
  • Allowing users to package selected images and pair them with appointments to speed up the consultation process naturally. Hypothesis: with a user having more weight behind their decision's conviction, they'd be more effective bookings. 

The Next Iteration

Saving your favorites to smart curations that recommend the right size tattoo for you. 


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