Ephemeral's Lifecycle Marketing

Ephemeral leverages email marketing to discuss the science behind the product and share inspiration with their audiences. 

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Design x Growth Objectives

  • Demystify the science of the product.
  • Educate those who are new to tattoos about tattoos
  • Address client objections and fears. 
  • Inspire our audience.
  • Make booking a breeze.
Email Marketing + Flows
All emails fall within these pillars of content. 
  • Inspiration 
  • Education
  • Social Proof and Objection Handling
  • Brand Announcements, Highlights, and New Studio Openings
  • New Product Launches
  • Local Event Notifications 
Users would get these touchpoints when interacting with our brand. 
  • Marketing Welcome Flow
    • Welcome, How our ink works, Our Process, Inspiration/quotes from customers. 
  • Booking confirmation Flow
  • Post Appointment Flow
    • Healing guide - One email a week for four weeks that guides you through that week's healing guide, telling you what you can expect in real time. 
    • NPS survey - to gather data about the fade and the experience with the brand after 45 days. 
    • Return visit - clients were 60% likely to repeat within the first 60 days of getting their initial Ephemeral. 
  • Cancellation + Reschedule Flow
    • Self reschedule link 
    • Retargeting attempts
  • Objection + User Surveys
Email Specific Programs 
  • Referral program: $50 off for you and a friend
  • Ephemeral Labs: Family/friends who in exchange for free tattoos give us feedback on new products and help train new tattoo artists. 
  • Email-attributed traffic grew from .4% to 9%, or about ~3150 sessions weekly. This increase was tracked from January to July 2023. 
  • Marketing sends grew from once to 2-3x/week. 
  • Retargeting from abandon cart emails was tested and improved.
  • With the addition of Flash Designs, emails had an improved click-through and booking rate, often times booking a higher cost product than originally sent.
    • Flash was flat at $150, but a higher conversion from these emails for a custom subtle was $175-$195.
  • Elle Levy - Design
  • Elle Levy & John James Dudek - Copywriting 
  • Linda Tran - Lifecycle Manager
  • Aretha Choi - VP, Product and Growth
  • Liz Pitman - Product Manager

Abandon Cart Testing

Within 30 minutes of abandoning, Users converted higher with short and sweet designs, but we didn't see the same return on abandoned booking emails retargeting after 24 hours.

We found improvements with emails with more content, but we wanted to see if we could get further improvements. Version A educated more about the process of getting a tattoo, and Version B focused on the "Why" of choosing Ephemeral.

Version B increased the click-through and booking rate, meaning this was the new standard on which to base further tests!


Total sessions to the site from nine flash campaign email sends.

💵 Talks

Subject lines with the price included had the highest engagement and click-through rates.


Flash designs on site for the first launch. The Classic Smiley face was the most popular! 


Aftercare Emails

Aftercare emails had their own vibe going on. It was important to give customers a special "white glove" treatment on their healing journey because the healing process was often different from more common permanent tattoos.

A few more emails for that extra ✨flavor✨


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