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Replacing a high friction customer flow with a native process to double bookings.

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Double bookings, simplify the process, and make it native.

We met our goals of doubling bookings and increasing the number of customers getting past the booking confirmation page. By simplifying the high-friction process that required a complicated Typeform, we decreased our dependency on outside tools, meaning fewer points of drop-off from customers. 


Design x Growth Objectives

Goals & Challenges
Our main goal was to double booking rates through the website. Our hypothesis was that our customers had the most issues gaining confidence with our process and ink, learning what product is right for them to book, and finding design inspiration for their tattoos.
  • Simplify the booking flow.
  • Reduce dependency/cost with outside tools.
  • Minimize dropoff points for potential clients.
  • Sneak education in certain areas without causing bloat for those who know what they want. 
  • Needing to support 8 studios without a hiccup in service.
  • New changes in our products caused ambiguity.
  • Starting with MVP would mean more weight on customer service needing to follow up with customers after booking to collect inspiration.
Iterative Data-Driven Processes
We had the conviction that building our own tools would increase booking because of the awkward flow that we currently had. Because we had limited appointments previously but then opened more studios, we needed to change our process to fill those slots. 

We initially kept using a landing page for top-level education. Then, the user would give a $20 deposit to get access to a design survey. After, they chose a time to lock in their tattoo. Having many points in this flow that led to easy drop-off, it was heavy to maintain.  

Moving away from the Typeform meant using our learnings to make a smooth process with just enough education baked in to sate the curiosity of unsure clients. 
User interviews
We iterated the Typeform design survey to get a closer idea of what a client needed before going to our newly built process. Customers wanted to know certain things before moving on to new steps. 

  • New customers needed more handholding, had more questions, and were unsure of what our products entailed with their appointments. They craved reassurance that they were doing the right thing. 
    • These clients also wanted a consultation process that would recommend selections to them. Especially around budget, pain with certain placements, and what to expect. 
  • Returning customers of clients who have been tattooed before typically knew exactly what they wanted and sought a streamlined and painless process. 
  • Many customers wanted to book several months in advance as they were traveling to one of the cities where Ephemeral was. 
  • Group booking was difficult, and we wanted to make it possible to do it online.
We meet our goal of doubling online booking rates, reducing our dependency on outside tools, and demystifying the booking process for new clients. 
  • Show addresses with studio locations
  • Allow bookings for groups, the more the merrier!
    • They also typically would want the same type of tattoo product, which helped with creating a flash design product type.
  • Thursdays were often our least booked date, so we started "Faded Thursdays" with a 20% discount was VERY popular! 
  • Balance copy with images. Don't over-explain.
  • Make rescheduling themselves possible to help with keeping appointments.  

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