Elle Levy

A brand, product, and creative designer. 

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What I do

Visual Design
As a designer, I specialize in creating high-quality designs that perfectly meet the specifications for a wide range of digital products, emails, advertisements, online experiences, and printed assets (I started my career in package design!). I am dedicated to ensuring that your design needs are met with precision and excellence, and I have the expertise and experience necessary to deliver top-notch results every time.
Creative Direction
I enjoy helping brands to gain more visibility and stand out from their competitors. With my experience in leading small creative teams, I have the ability to mentor and develop new skills. I work closely with the business's strategy to create stunning and effective creative concepts. I am comfortable collaborating with copywriters, developers, engineers, photographers, models, and art directors to produce high-quality results.
Whether your brand is already established, super fresh, or needs sprucing up, I want to be involved! I really enjoy working on creating consistency and flexibility in how a business presents itself visually, verbally, and in terms of conveying its goals or aspirations. You can make a lasting impression by giving your target audience a reason to learn more or by fostering loyalty through their experiences. There are so many ways to delight someone, and I'm excited to explore all of them with you!
I specialize in making products that are easy to use and welcoming to everyone. My goal is to create products that people can enjoy without feeling confused or frustrated. I believe that products should be both accessible and fun, with a personality that helps users connect with the brand. This approach leads to unique products that stand out from the competition.
As a designer, I spend my days working on various projects. However, illustration is something I enjoy doing during my free time. I love to doodle and experiment with different forms of art, such as traditional drawing, frame-by-frame animation, embroidery, hand-painted murals, furniture painting, printmaking, and hand-poke tattoos. I enjoy challenging myself and creating new things that I have never attempted before.

Ephemeral Tattoo

The Doe

The Denver Art Museum

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